American Contemporary Folk Art

“Rich manipulates the parallax principle to bring movement to something static.”

Twin Boro News … 12/29/2011

Allison Schiff

Robert Joseph Rich is a Celtic-American Glass Artist of Old World Craft Descent. A throwback blending 19th Century technology and primitive methods in developing the trademark style of a career spanning more then 42 years. Etching glass from New York to Hollywood in the American experience of one armed only with little formal schooling, a God-given talent, and a flare for the mystical and otherworldly. Rich has traveled the nation going from street artist to studio master achieving excellence through reclusive self-education and old fashion hard work.

Here, only by the grace of God, at 62 years of age and internationally published, he is now an elder statesman of a dying art known to few… the ancient ones.

Come and see what old fashioned handcraft still has to offer. Click on any glass art genre below to begin touring the R J Rich Museum Gallery!

Corporate Office Lobby

Real Gold


Rare Mugs

Glassware Mix

Bar * Tavern * Saloon * Pub

Automotive Crystal

Museum Flutes

Police & Fire

Nautical Finds

Vase and Window FX

Book Shelf Aquariums

Mirror Wood and Glass

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Celtic Artifacts R J Rich Museum Gallery

Celtic Artifacts



Gifts Of Yesteryear


Old New Borrowed Blue

Butterfly and Flowers R J Rich Museum Gallery

Butterfly and Flowers




Urban Legend Railroad

Urban Legend Sandbox R J Rich Museum Gallery

Urban Legend Sandbox

N-Scale Model Shop

Bags and Apparel R J Rich Museum Gallery

Bags and Apparel